• MONTHLY Tuition

    1 hour


    1.5 hours


    2 hours


    2.5 hours


    3 hours


    4 hours


    5 hours


    6 hours


    7 hours


    8 hours


    Each additional class






















    Tuition Scale is based on your account being signed up for autodraft.  Please see below for our policies.


    Southern Ballet Theatre Tuition Scale


    Pre Pro Company $320.00

         Includes 3 ballet classes, 1 jazz, 1 modern, 1 hip hop or tap, and Saturday Company Class

    Junior Company $320.00

         Includes 3 ballet classes, 1 jazz, 1 modern, 1 hip hop or tap, and Saturday Company Class

    Apprentice Company $275.00

         Includes 2 ballet classes, 1 jazz, 1 modern, 1 hip hop or tap, and Saturday Company Class

    Demi Apprentice $150.00

         Includes 2 ballet classes

    Each additional class $30.00


    Private lessons must be approved through the front office

  • ONE Time Fees

    Registration Fee


    Costume Deposit


    Costume Balance


    Recital Fee

    Time of Registration


    Due September 12, 2015


    Due December 12, 2015


    Due March 12, 2016

    $60.00 for first family member

    $40.00 for each additional family member



    R​emaining balance


    $80.00 for first family member

    $40.00 for each additional family member

  • ADULT Fitness Classes

    Tuition Rates

    $115.00 for UNLIMITED classes a month

    $60.00 a month for ONE class a week (must take the same class every week for a one month period. You may change the class taken each month)


    $30.00 Registration Fee


    5% discount given for families enrolled in our Dance Education Program




  • SPAA Policies


    Tuition is an Annual amount that is automatically drafted via monthly installments the 5th business day of each month. Tuition is automatically drafted from the payment method you have stored in your online Studio Director account. A $15 late fee will be added to all Annual tuition installment payments not paid by the 10th of each month. If payment is not paid by the 1st of the following month, that class spot may be given to the next child on the waiting list.


    Tuition is posted on the first day of each month and a general email reminder is sent to all families as a reminder that tuition has been posted and is soon to be charged. On the 5th business day of the month, tuition payments will run and your tuition will be charged to the payment method you have stored to your online Studio Director account. Log into your online Studio Director account to check your schedule and view transactions regularly.


    Tuition is not prorated for absences, holidays or partial months. It is an Annual tuition.

    Southern Performing Arts Academy will only send statements via email to delinquent or problem accounts.


    Accounts that are not reconciled by the 1st of the following month will result in the student(s) being dropped from our rolls. Reconciled accounts will have an opportunity to re-enroll in classes; however the desire to do so does not guarantee that the same class/schedule will be available. A re-enrollment fee of $20.00 will apply.


    Accounts that become more than 30 days overdue will be considered grounds for collections.


    Declined credit and debit card charges will be charged a $15.00 fee. Credit and debit card information shall be current, active, and drawn on a local bank only. No out of state checking accounts will be accepted as a form of security.


    We honor Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.


    Please note there is a $15 fee for any returned checks.


    Anyone wishing to pay for monthly tuition or fees via an alternate form of payment (other than our auto draft Studio Director payment system) will incur a $15 processing fee per transaction. The $15 fee will apply each time a payment (for tuition; costumes; performance fees; etc.) is made with cash, check or by credit card at the studio. If you wish to consistently pay via an alternate payment method, the $15 processing will be built into your monthly charges.  The only exception to this is persons wishing to pay for the year in full (and receive a 5% discount on tuition). If you wish to pay for the year in full, you may do so by using an alternate payment method without the $15 processing fee.



    In the event that you need to withdrawal from the studio, we require parents/guardians give a thirty (30) day written notice to the front desk of any intent to discontinue classes. Please use a “Withdrawal” form available at the studio and online. You understand that it will not be sufficient notice to merely tell an instructor or supervisor or e-mail or leave a voice-mail of your intent to discontinue. This is so we can invite the next child on the waiting list to join the class the following month. The handwritten withdrawal form must be turned into the studio in order to withdrawal. Your withdrawal is not considered complete until you have received confirmation via email.


    PLEASE NOTE: You will be responsible for the next month’s tuition payment if notice is not given before the 5th day of the previous month. For example, Notice given on November 4th - no further tuition is due. Notice given on November 10th, December tuition will be due.



    THE REGIRTRATION FEE IS $60.00 for the first family member and $40.00 for each additional family member. Classes are charged on a monthly basis. There is no extra charge for months that have 5 lessons. A full month’s tuition is due for September through May and August is a half of month. If the student decides to drop a class, the office must be notified 30 days in advance. A 5% discount is given to additional family members on the same account. A 5% discount is given to those paying nine and a half months tuition by September 2, 2015. Discounts are not applied towards costumes, registration, and recital fees.


    NO REFUNDS ON ANY TUITION OR FEES! Any class missed may be made up. All tuition is due the first lesson of the month. Payments received after the 10th are assessed a $15.00 fee.




    COSTUME BALANCE(S) IS DUE BY DECEMBER 12, 2015! If Costume Deposits and Balances are not received by January 9, 2016, a $10.00 late fee per costume will be added.


    A RECITAL FEE OF $80.00 IS DUE BY MARCH 12 2016! The recital will be presented at the Gwinnett Center: Monday, June 6, 2016. If Recital Fee is not received by March 12, 2016 at $10.00 late fee will be added to the account.



    I hereby authorize Southern Performing Arts Academy to charge my credit card for all services and products related to my family's enrollment in classes and activities at the Southern Performing Arts Academy, including but not limited to tuition, registration, costumes, recital fees, accessories, etc. If Annual tuition is submitted via monthly installments I understand that my credit or debit card will continue to be charged on the monthly, session or periodic basis unless I notify the front desk by turning in a withdrawal form at Southern Performing Arts Academy 30 days before intent to discontinue. I understand that it will not be sufficient notice to merely tell an instructor or supervisor of our intent to discontinue. Nor send e-mail. I have read this entire agreement and understand that I will be held fully responsible for its terms and conditions of service, including a thirty (30) day written notice to Southern Performing Arts Academy of any intent to discontinue (e-mail will not be accepted). I understand that once the monthly installments for my annual tuition have occurred there will be no refund given if I decide to discontinue. I agree to notify Southern Performing Arts Academy, immediately of any change in the status of my charge account including but not limited to card expiration, name change, limitation of use, loss or theft or the card, etc. In the event that the amount charged is refused for whatever reason, I accept responsibility for full payment for the amount charged as well as a NSF fee of $15.00.



    You may purchase your leotards, tights, ballet, tap, and jazz shoes from us or from a recognized dancewear shop. Off brand shoes are not acceptable. It is very important for student’s shoes to fit properly. All students should wear something over their dance clothes coming and leaving the studio. Students must never wear any type of dance shoe outside the studio!


    BALLET STUDENTS are required to wear a leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. The color of leotard is determined by class:

    • Ballet I – Ballet III: Royal Blue

    • Pre Pointe and Demi-Apprentice: Black

    Hair must be pulled back away from face and up in a ponytail or bun. Pointe students must wear hair in bun.


    COMBINATION BALLET & TAP STUDENTS are required to wear appropriate ballet attire with black patent leather tap shoes:

    • 2 year old, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 Combo: Pink Leotard

    Hair must be pulled back away from face and up in a ponytail.


    JAZZ STUDENTS may wear any color leotard with jazz pants or shorts with tan leather split sole jazz shoes.


    TAP STUDENTS are required to wear appropriate dancewear with black leather laced tap shoes. Please ask teacher which type of tap shoes are appropriate for the level of tap your student is enrolled in. NO SPLIT SOLE TAP SHOES.


    MODERN CLASSES may wear any color leotard with jazz pants or shorts with footless tights.


    HIP HOP CLASSES are required to wear athletic clothing and clean sneakers with good support. No loose fitting shorts.


    MALE STUDENTS should check with their teacher for required dance attire.


    Southern Performing Arts Academy Office Policies and Procedures


    Please initial each item.

    ____ Tuition is drawn from your saved account information on Studio Director on the 5th of each month. A $15 late fee will be added to the account if tuition is not paid by the 10th of each month.


    ____If you chose not to have saved payment information on your account, you will incur a $15 fee per transaction. This includes tuition.


    ____ Tuition is based on 9.5 months; half tuition is due for August and full tuition for September through May. Tuition is not prorated for sickness, unattendance, holidays or partial months. Tuition is an annual amount.


    ____ I agree to pay the Costume Deposit by September 12, 2015, $75 per costume per class, and the remaining Costume Balance due December 12, 2015. The Costume Deposit is non refundable. Late fees apply.


    ____ I agree to a pay the Recital Fee by March 12, 2016, $80 per student/ $40 for each additional sibling. This includes ticketing and the professional performance environment of the Performing Arts Center at Gwinnett Center. Late fees apply.


    ____ Tickets will not be received until all Tuition, Costumes and Recital Fees are paid in full.


    ____ If your dancer switches classes, it is your responsibility to do so online at the Studio Director or speak with the front desk to make the appropriate changes. This ensures that our rolls stay current and that the correct costuming is ordered for your child.


    ____ A Costume Book may be provided at the front desk displaying a costume for each class for the Recital. These costumes are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.


    ____ Credits for missed classes due to illnesses or other activities will not be given. Your dancer has the option of taking a make up class. Please see the front desk for alternative class times.


    ____I understand the cancellation policy.  30 days notice must given on the proper form.


    ____ Children who are not taking class need to be supervised at all times. This includes the lobby, kids room and bathrooms. Please do not allow children to climb or color on furniture or walls. Empty studios are not playrooms.


    ____ Our studios have viewing windows for you to observe classes being taught. If you notice your dancer or other dancers getting heavily distracted by you watching please walk away for a couple minutes. Please also do not tap on windows.


    ____ To ensure a proper learning environment and progression of your dancer, the teacher and director reserve the right to properly place your dancer in the appropriate class.


    ____ Please try your best to get your dancer to their class on time. If they are late please have them put on their shoes before entering class for less distraction. If you are going to be more than ten minutes late picking up your dancer, please call the front office.





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